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The Road ahead for ttconnect

We spoke with Edson Eastmond (pictured left), Head ttconnect about the past year and the things in store for ttconnect for the rest of 2013. Below is a summary of that interview.


2012 was a successful year for ttconnect as the Unit was able to meet a number of targets for that period. Many of the initiatives could not be achieved had it not been for the support of the former Acting CEO, Kendall Tull and the current Acting CEO, Charles Bobb-Semple for their unwavering commitment to ttconnect in 2012 / 2013. 

During that timeframe a number of things were accomplished however, there is always room for improvement as ttconnect continually strives to provide easy access to government information and services. In this regard, the unit has been working even more assiduously to increase its transaction numbers. The successes of ttconnect could not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the entire ttconnect team who on numerous occasions have gone the extra mile to ensure that 2012 was a successful year


The full Attraction Power of ttconnect will be seen in the complete integration of service delivery across all the channels and the use of the Portal for the delivery of e-Services, but for now the Attraction Power for ttconnect lies in the gaining of additional services, building new business opportunities for revenue generation with ministries such as the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment (MTII) and the Ministry of Finance and the Economy (MFE) with the company’s Business Development unit and the excellent service delivery offered by the staff of ttconnect.



1. For the period January to December 2012, there were 2,208,582 hits to the ttconnect Portal and the ttconnect Mobile recorded 76,757 visits. The ttconnect Express buses made 222 visits to various locations in Trinidad, interacted with more than 14,000 citizens and conducted 1,378 registrations for programmes and services.


2. For the same period of January to December 2012 - 5,839 applications for services were processed at the ttconnect Service Centres located at Arima, Bon Accord, Tobago; Chaguanas, Princes Town, St. James and Tunapuna;. 89,290 pages of Government information and services were viewed via 14,088 sessions on the ttconnect Kiosk. 


3. During the months March, August and September, ttconnect added an additional 25 new services to the public, more than doubling its initial service offering from inception in 2007. Now customers can complete applications for 38 services from various government Ministries and Agencies; including applying for jobs, grants, training programmes, electronic birth certificates and more.


4. In March 2012, ttconnect activated a toll free contact number – 800-TTCN, so that customers can request information on Government Services and other General Information free of charge. This extends the information on the Online Portal to citizens without internet access but who have access to the telephone.


5. ttconnect ID continues to facilitate the delivery of online services under the TTBizLink service which is managed by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment. For the period under review ttconnect performed 599 ttconnect ID enrolment transactions.


With this reach being sustained, the ttconnect Unit also improved its efficiency and decreased recurring annual expenses  through the following initiatives:

  1. A reduction in landline telephone cost within the unit,
  2. Relocation of a ttconnect kiosk to rent free location, and reduced this annual recurring expenditure by TT$82,000,
  3. The implementation of the our company’s Career Development Programme also resulted in decreased staff cost  and enhanced the capability and capacity of the unit.
  4. The success of our 2012 ttconnect Forum where the entire unit met, discussed issues and celebrated our 2012 successes, and
  5. An increase of 5% percentage points in ttconnect Satisfaction rating as polled by MORI. Improvement from  30% to 35% .


During 2012 there were some challenges that were discussed among the ttconnect team and the relevant stakeholders. One of the things that we are hoping to address is the significant increase in the promotion of the unit.  To achieve this, a comprehensive marketing plan was developed and will be initiated soon.


In addition, the following initiatives are already underway or will commence during 2013:

  1. Revenue generation through the use of the Service Centres by use of the visiting officer model.
  2. Revenue generation via a proposal jointly developed with the Business Development unit to the MTII.
  3. The implementation of the Mystery Shoppers Programme and increased training for the staff based upon gaps which may be identified, and   
  4. The launch of the ttconnect Express in Tobago.
  5. Achieve the revenue through the use of advertising via the kiosks.
  6. Enhancement of the relationship with the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) to increase the number of THA services we can offer.
  7. Launching of working e-forms on the portal.
  8. Imitation of a TTBizLink type service delivery initiative which will allow us to deliver real-time application forms to our client Ministries.
  9. Development and implementation of a Service Charter

10. The relocation of at least one Service Centre.


ttconnect also plans to gain additional services from the following Ministries:


  • Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development
  • Ministry of Public Utilities
  • Export Centre Company Limited
  • Ministry of Labour and Small and Medium Enterprises Development
  • National Insurance Board
  • Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism
  • Ministry of Local Government - National Commission for Self Help